Saturday, December 12, 2009


Justin and I had a plan... or maybe I just had one(?).
Let me fill you in...

Once upon a time there was a run- a "jingle bell run". And this year the proceeds were going to support JDRF.

Then there was a mom... a loving mom... who has not ran in... we'll just say "some time".

And this mom had a son... a diabetic son... who wanted to run the race. So this mom decided to support the cause, but she didn't know how her sweet son would do since his sugar liked to randomly drop low.

So this mom made a plan... she made shirts, she signed them up and she told her sweet son that they would run the 1 mile together. This mom thought that this was a "grand" plan.
So on race day... this running duo headed out. They stopped at McDonald for a few extra carbs, got their numbers, cheered on the 5k runners, adorned their running shoes with a few bells of jingle.
they also meet up with some good friends....
Right before the race we checked our blood... 88... what?? So the sweet boy enjoyed a piece of cookie and a piece of cinnamon roll and we headed to the start line.
As soon as they got there the mom new she was in for trouble... the siren rang and the little boy took off... AND HE LEFT HIS MAMA BEHIND!!!
So in the end the little boy finished in 4th place in the kids race... and the mom is just happy she made it.
Happy Saturday


Meri said...

Good for you!! I love the bells! Not surprised he left you boys would totally do that to me too. :)

Wendy said...

I love this post!!! SO SWEET and love the pics :) RUN, BABY, have the entire world at your fingertips and can do anything you dream!

I believe :)

phonelady said...

wow yep wait till he gets married and really leaves you LOL !!! Just be glad he still wants to be seen with you in public . LOL !!! God bless you dear .

:) Tracie said...

That totally sounds like a kid!

I'm impressed you ran the way no how I would! :)

LaLa said...

Love it!

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