Monday, March 15, 2010

Meri... Our D-Mom SUPERHERO!!!

Meri ~ Meri ~ Meri!!
There's not a D-Mom that doesn't LOVE Meri.
Her smile is infectious.
Her words are wise and encouraging.
When we are down... she is there to lift us up.
And when we loose our marbles... she finds a way to make it okay :)

Here's to you Meri!!!


Check out this post from Meri... its a MUST READ!!!


Meri said...

Ok, I'm blushing. If I'm a superhero than my kryptonite is this blood sugar monitor shouting, "HI" at me. :( Long night ahead. Thanks for the love makes it all easier to bare. Love ya!

phonelady said...

Yeah for Meri we love her !!!

Jennifer said...

This is so true Lora! Meri is inspiring! And we all LOVE her!

:) Tracie said...

I think she's the toughest and bravest of us all!

Unknown said...

ABSOLUTELY...I share her story with many people out here in VT. Love to you Meri. Great post Lora.

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