Thursday, September 23, 2010

"We were almost to that point"...

Those were the words from C (school nurse) today as she updated me on Justin's "episode". I went in to sub for a half day today and one of the secretaries said C wanted to talk to me before I go to class.

WEIRD! C never seeks me out. I always pop in to visit her.

Side bar - Let me just say that D'Com is ROCKIN IT this week... seriously! I practically have it duck taped on, but thank the good Lord that I put it on him this week. We have had some dippin numbers over here.

Keep in mind that Justin was sent to school this morning with a temp basal decrease on top of a change in both his I:C ratio and his ISF factor. So what does he decide to do???


It hit him pretty quick. He was bolused at 10:15 and was back in C's office by 10:45. D'Com alarmed. By the time he got to the office he was "combative". He refused to check his bg. Didn't want juice. He was 33 and D'Com was pointing down. C made a comment that it was almost to the point of Glucagon. I dread that day.

I know not eating all his carbs will catch up with him... but what I don't get is how quick it has been? He did eat 42 of the 67 he was bolused for. D usually doesn't come after him that quickly. He didn't even make it back to class.

Seems as if D has been playing with a new deck of card the last few days... I think this deck has a few extra Jokers!

Wait, it gets better... ready for this?? I just put some nice, cold, fresh from the fridge insulin in his pump because tonight was site change night. I am so looking forward to tonight... GOOD TIMES!!


Kelly said...

Oh man. Thats scary. It never fails! SOMETHING always interferes with the day of changes to ratios, basals or ISF!

Denise said...

no cfl's at school huh? :-D

...sorry, couldn't resist after Nicole's post.
Hope your night goes okay and Justin's numbers stay nice and in the 100s. Been hearing about a lot of weird lows lately...must been the equinox.

Nicole said...

:) at Denise,

and crap to diabetes!!

Take those joker cards and burn them!!

BTW are you allowed to have glucagon at your schools??

Unknown said...


That just gave me shivers. "Almost to that point"...I think my heart just skipped a few beats.

Someone get the crash cart.

Unknown said...

(((HUGS))) to you and Justin. "D" has changed up the game on you girl.

@ Nicole our school does have glucagon. I have even trained non-medical personnel to use it.

Brian from "D-Dad - Living with "D" on so many levels" said...

D does like to keep you on your toes. Those jokers are such a pain. Thank goodness for D'com!

Amanda said...

So sorry it has been crazy lately. That is scary!

Heather said...

That is crazy. I haven't had Lovebug be combative yet, but I'm sure that day is coming. I also dread the day that I will (if ever) have to use the glucagon.

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Yikes!!! Well, it sounds as if the nurse was prepped and ready to use the Glucagon, if need be, and that's a good thing.

Alexis Nicole said...

((((Hugs)))) thank god for Dex is right! I am so sorry you guys are having a rough week.

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