Thursday, August 18, 2011

Feeling good about it...

It's that time of year; you know... back to school.
The evidence is everywhere. There is no escaping it. What I wouldn't give to go back to the days when folders and post it notes topped my list.

For us, school starts next Tuesday. Justin is at the top of his game as the big 5th grader and Leighanna is the newbie heading off to her first year of middle school. The excitement and nerves are starting to seep their way into our house as the countdown kicks in to overdrive.  

At the end of last year I sat down with the Principal. There were several(3) fifth grade teachers taking time off because they were having babies of their own. Flip flopping teachers part way through the year or having a sub for the year was not a good plan on MANY levels... even beyond D. It was agreed that Justin would not have one of the pregos or a "new to the school" teacher.

So when I got my paperwork last Saturday, you can imagine my stress when I didn't recognise the name.
He was in the room I was hoping for, but the teacher was new. FLIPPIN OUT MAMA ALERT!!

I couldn't believe it... I ASKED her not to do that.

Long story short though... it wasn't planned. The original teacher decided last minute to take a year off. Placement was already done and to be honest... not sure what other teacher I would want him to have anyways. So... we going with it.

When I called on Monday I asked that they leave her(Mrs. B) a message to contact me. I needed to schedule a time before school started to meet with her about Justin, all his gadgets and what to look for/do when it comes to the diabetes. We have a meeting set for Monday :)

Tonight was open house. Justin and I went in to meet his new teachers and visit the old ones. Mrs, B seemed really nice. I introduced myself and she automatically asked where Justin was... didn't even pause to recall his name. Beautiful... she's on the ball :)

As I made the rounds... AGP, Nurse, Speech... I hear nothing but good things. Mrs. B has already been down to the office to look into a care plan, she visited speech because he will be going there. Let's just say Mrs. B has checked up on the situation. That either makes her AWESOME or SCARED AS HELL!!! I'm going with AWESOME! Anyone who is already trying to find out the details and wants to have her "stuff" together beforehand is just that in my book.

So I'm feeling good about it... going to be an awesome year.

Just to throw a little open house drama...
When we left for open house at 4:50pm- Justin was 160. I didn't correct knowing we would running around class to class... I didn't want to worry about it.

At 5:45 I see him pulling his meter out of his pocket.


I swear he walks into that building and his bg takes a nose dive.

What the shit?!?
*Shrugging shoulders and rolling eyes*

Now onto updating paperwork... fun times of a D-Mama!! Right on!

Wishing everyone a wonderful school year.


Unknown said...

WOW...Mrs. B sounds like a dream! And holy macaroni on the 38! That place sucks the sugar right outta him!

I hope your wonderful kids have a super school year Lora. xo

Joanne said...

Yay for Mrs. B! She sounds great! And sorry about the 38, what a crazy drop. Hope your kiddos have a great school year!

Meri said...

Man, his teacher is on FIRE!! I have never encountered such a teacher. One that sought out info on her own. That is awesome!

It is going to be a good year...even with one WTF 38. Diabetes is such a drama queen!

The DL said...

She really does sound awesome! Sounds like it's going to be a great year!!

Unknown said...

D can be such a drama queen sometimes.

I'm going with Awesome. Totally awesome ;)


Meagan said...

Hooray for Mrs. B! She sounds great already, love that she knew his name and had checked up a bit. :)

Poor guy, 38! It's crazy how fast it can drop!

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