Friday, August 12, 2011

12 of 12...August

I know it's Friday and you were all expecting Five Question Friday... BUT 5QF is on hiatus this week because of Mama M's vacation. I am totally bummed, but I will answer all of last weeks questions next Friday... along with any new ones you want to throw at me. So get crackin with the!

GOOD NEWS is that today is the 12th anyways; which means I get to post my 12 of 12.

On the 12th day of each month bloggers from all over the world take 12 photos of their day. Though I learned about 12 of 12 courtesy of Mike; the 12 of 12 project was Chad's idea, you can go to his website to see the links of all the people who participated this month.

I have had a hard time sleeping this week. There have been a few nights that I just can't fall asleep after I wake up... last night was one of them. My alarm went off at 4:30am to check Justin(we had pasta so it totally my fault I had to get BACK UP at that time). I gave him another small correction due to my total pasta bolus fail and laid back down. And I laid there... and laid there... and laid there. UGH! Finally at 5:15 I just got up.

Because I was up so early... I had plenty of time to sit and watch sissy rock out to some Wii Cheer.

I also had plenty of time to play.
To Oakley... mom sitting = play time!

When I got on the road... I pondered at a red light.
"Should I or shouldn't I".

Stop and get a Starbucks!!!

With my White Chocolate Mocha in hand... I headed off to work.
Here is the view from my chair.

This is what I find when I get home...
I guess we don't know how to throw stuff away.

Maybe because someone is to busy playing.

On my to do list is school supplies...
so sissy and I head out.

First we stopped at a shoe store and lookie what we found... stripper"ish" shoes.



Guess that apple doesn't fall to far from the tree.

Unfortunately, the rain was headed our way and our trip was cut short because we needed to get the topless jeep safely into the garage.
We made it! The Jeep is all safe and snug in the garage... AND Leighanna and I are still dry. Holla!


Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

Two things...
you really had to ponder a stop a Starbucks?!?! you totally just knocked yourself down a couple of notches in my eyes!! ;)
the SHOES..OMG!!! at least she could pay her way through college!! ;)

sorry, cracking myself up...time for a mai thai to make it through Bean's first sleep over!!

Alexis Nicole said...

I needs dem shoes!

Omg she rocks!

sky0138 said...

LOVE the pics!! What a cool idea for a post! totally giggling at the stripper-ish shoes too :o)

Unknown said...

Seriously!? The shoes look like a death trap for the likes of me!!! Looks like a great day. I have been up early too...bad week for sleep for us D Mamas I suppose. xo

Nicole said...

I can't believe in Florida they make stripper shoes for children...what is that state coming too?

Meagan said...

LOL, the shoes!!! Makes me a little happier I only have boys...hopefully that rules stripper shoes out of the equation for me...hopefully. :)

YAY Starbucks!!! Great 12 of 12, so much fun.

Amy said...

What was Sissy doing up at the butt crack of dawn to play Wii??? Is she crazy like you? Wait. Um, yes . . . she tried on those shoes ;)

Love the pondering picture of you in the car.

And, I knew it. You go out and drive topless ;)

Mike said...

Great 12!!

And maybe she should wait a couple of years before breaking in the stripper shoes...although I do think they are fab!


Amy said...

Hmmm... I can see the headline now: "Mother Forces Daughter to Choose Her Own Stripper Shoes at Young Age". LOL! Could she even walk in those things? I'd probably break my ankle!

You just reminded me that I have a pic somewhere that I snapped on my phone of shoes I threatened to wear in my sister's wedding in June. Definitely stripper shoes. I'll have to see if I still have it. :)

Sarah said...

Stripper shoes for everyone! PARTAY! Now just don't let her do the Wii with them on!
And BTW you got one of my fav Starbucks drinks, too :)

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