Friday, September 2, 2011

From of the Mouth of Yours Truly...

Welcome to another round of "From the Mouth of Yours Truly". Here is a short little list of the things I may or may not have said lately...

-I don't think I know how to do 35mph?

-Who's driving this bucket?

-It's easy to appear like your being a smart ass when your dealing with a dumb ass.

-You call it Gray Hair... I call it "Stress Highlights"

-Why is it when something goes wrong you all automatically look at me???

-I can be the girl next door, or the bitch up the street... which one do you prefer?

-Suck it up Princess, this ain't your castle!

-Go right ahead and piss me off, but remember, what comes out of my mouth is your own fault.

-I can go from Halo to Horns in 2.6 seconds..maybe less.

-I'm kinda like that annoying itch you just can't scratch.

-The biggest mistake you can make is to under estimate my intelligence and tenacity.

-I'm not saying your dumb, but if we put your brain in a peanut shell, it would rattle like a BB in a boxcar!

-Sorry, don't believe I came equipped with a filter.

Think that's about it... whats come out of your mouth lately?


sky0138 said...

LOL ahh Lora you are awesome and make me giggle all the time! The oddest thing I have said this week is probably hands down..."please don't lick the cat's paw!" my daughter...long

Alexis Nicole said...


"Worms, ass, floor, bleach it!" Love u!

Unknown said...

I feel like you have been dealing with a bunch of Fucktards recently. They are either stoopid or annoying...I am fo' sho' going to borrow a few of these lines for my "day-in-the-life". :)

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Stress highlights! I got me a lot of those! :)

"It's easy to appear like your being a smart ass when your dealing with a dumb ass." Ha ha ha ha!

Denise said...

Ahh, great way to start my morning! Thanks!

Here is mine for the week, "don't let him lick you, he eats poo!"

Kelly said...

This just made my week! Thanks for making me laugh...I sure did need this after our first week pumping!

Tracy1918 said...

Love the halo to horns bit! You're a blast!

Meagan said...

Ooooh so much goodness here...totally taking notes so I can remember some of your awesome lines! You've got some great ones!

I don't have a line to share, but I have been annoying my husband with my new obsession...a "high-five style fist bump", I know, it's awful. :)

Unknown said...

-Suck it up Princess, this ain't your castle!

Can I copyright that?

You always make me you!

Amy said...

"I am lonely, but I just want to be left alone!!!"

How's that for cRaZy? ;)

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