Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Night Confessions...

I want to start something new. New for me anyways. Sunday night confessions will be short, some silly, some serious once a month-ish confession post to clear the mind. I don't intend for this to become a heavy post, but who knows... It will just depend on the mood. 

Here we go...

-We were sitting down to watch a movie and Justin asked me to turn up the volume; not paying attention, because I was trying to get settled, I blindly hit the button a couple of times. Justin then says "mom, can you go up one more... I like the volume to be even". As in... the level cant be on 19... I need it on 20 cuz 20 is even. O_o OMGEEEE, he is way to much like his ... er... um... Dad. Yeah, like his dad... that's it. A little OCD is normal-ish, right?

-Today my flat iron broke. This is devastating to a girl with a frizzy fro, okay. I tried to go all old days and iron it with my Black and Decker, but it didn't work. I was lookin a hot mess for a trip to the mall and a birthday party. 

-I watched "What to Expect when your Expecting"... it kinda sucked. I had higher hopes. The best thing about it was the cheese dip I made myself; except when I went to check Justin... the dog helped himself. Damn mutt!! 

-Did I tell you about my flat iron??

-I miss having the time to read blogs... hell, I miss having the time to blog. Every time I try, I pass out, sitting straight up with the computer on my lap. No joke!

-I have no sympathy for people who complain about their lack of sleep. To the point when I might be occasionally kind of rude about it.  Husband, friends, family... no one is exempt from my cheep attempt at the Reyna eye roll. Oh yeah, I go there.

Okay, one last one... 

Since I started working at home, I no longer have that LONG drive into the office, by myself, to think. I hated that long as drive, but now I kinda miss it. I didn't overly like the mascara mess, but I think it cleared up a little of the jumbled up mess that was clogging up in there. I realized this the other day when I took a shower in the kids bathroom. It's dark in there with the black shower curtain and no one can see me. I lost it. I might have to clear my head in there from time to time... their water pressure is better than mine anyways.                                                                   

Here's to a fabulous week!! What do you confess?


sky0138 said...

ahhh i totally agree about the movie...and i want some cheese dip.

Meri said...

I confess the shower is my favorite place to let go. It has become my regimen to shower and then to add visine to my eyes before I come out to make breakfast. You are loved!<-- By me.

Hallie Addington said...

I do the same thing with the volume. I like even number. Or 5's.

I am LOVING my drive to and from work. Alone. First time in... Three years? No- linger than that. Maybe 6. Bliss! But I miss that little stinker. I'm TOTALLY jealous of J getting to take her to school!

Last confession. I wish BADLY that I was on the beach hanging with you! That was soooo nice!

Sarah said...

yep, not the best movie around lately - but honestly it's been a bummer this summer with all of them, luckily you know how to make some good cheese dip (darn mutt!)
And, the shower is usually where I let it go, too...but no worries about mascara anytime throughout my day as I have yet to find one I can handle since having kiddos I now have some seriously sensitive eyes. So...the weeping can continue.
I hope you have an incredibly wonderful fabulous week.

Kelly said...

Damn volume gets me too...except for me, I dont like the volume number over 10 and I get irritated when no one else can hear it that low!!

Hmmm....confess? YIKES, you shouldnt have asked!! I could go on all day and I betcha in the end I would feel SO much better!!

#1 I LOVE my alone time on the drive to work too! It might only be 10 minutes but it helps me gather my thoughts before moving on for the day! Sometimes I take the longer route and get to work later and I DONT CARE!! Mental health is important!

#2 I HATE mornings with Maddison. She is like torture. Food is a major pain in the ass with her and she is so slow and disorganized I want to scream at her most days! WORST MOM AWARD, RIGHT HERE!!!

Anonymous said...

Love your confessions. :)

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

we are 'even number volume' people, too! ;)

and the shower is the best place to cry it out!

Unknown said...

The movie sucked...and I went to watch that one with Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones (Hope Springs?...cannot remember the name). I thought it was gonna be a comedy. It was DEPRESSING. UGH.

And...the even-ness on the volume...CRAY CRAY!!!

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