Sunday, September 27, 2009

It's been a productive weekend at my house!!! Big weekend project... clean the junk room... I mean garage :)
Yep, my hubby finally dragged me out there and we threw away a whole lotta mess! I think we were both in the "just get rid of it" mood. I even manged to get my car back in there. My car hasn't been in the garage since the 4 wheelers took over a few years ago. It will be nice to not get into a black car with black seats that has been baking all afternoon in the Florida sun. Talk about burning the back of your legs!!!
Next project... my closet~ I'm gonna have to set aside a whole day for that one.

On an "uh oh" note...
Poor Justin was showing signs of a suspicious cough this morning and he has been in a quiet funk all day. With him, quiet is not good! I sure hope he's not getting sick. We haven't had the torture of experiencing the sickness with diabetes yet. I know my days coming, but I would like to prolong the event as long as possible. Besides~ we just had our first surgery since diagnosis... I should be good for a while right?

Happy Sunday!!

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Meri said...

I came home from my weekend away to 3 little diabetics sniffling and sneezing. Thank goodness for pumps!

IF he is getting sick, my big piece of advice is to not take his higher numbers personally. It's the guilt allowed! Just correct and adjust as needed and he'll make it through! :)

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