Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wazz up Wednesday...


Ever wonder whats going on over at our house?



WHY NOT?!?! Er... don't answer that! 

Awe, you were just kidding right?? Well in that case here is everything you might not have wanted to know... it's called WAZZ UP WEDNESDAY.

Yesterday I had the dreaded 504 meeting for Justin. I was lead to believe that the lady coming in from the district was a pain in the ass that wasn't going to budge. I am happy to report that I was a little off base with my assumption. She did know her business, and though the plan will probably get a little "tweaking" next year... I do feel confident that we made some progress :) I will share the final documents when I get the copies of them myself.

LOWS LOWS AND MORE DAMN LOWS!!! I think it might have something to do with the fact that Jupiter is so close to the earth (hey, worth a shot). Seriously though... SOMETHING is surely out of whack. Justin complained of a headache Saturday before dinner and it has all gone downhill since then. We are seeing numbers in the 30's, 40's and a lot in the 60's(post meal) throughout the day. Guess it was a good week to use D'Com.

Speaking of D'Com... he is sticking around... but I had to hold him hostage with some medical tape. The alcohol pad plan did not cut it.

Tuesday night was an exciting night for the "Gleek" in me :) I am thrilled that Sue Sylvester is back in my living room slappin a smile on my face.

Random fact #1... as of today, there are 93 days until Christmas!!! EEEK!

Random fact #2... My hubby went shooting with "the boys" for is best friends b-day. Turns out that one of the boys went to high school with ME. And guess what else... He has D. No really, he was wearing a pump :)
His family races... I am currently trying to figure out  how to hit him up for a donation to the Gala.

Random thought... Where in the hell did my maiden name on Facebook go? They just took it off as if I don't own it anymore.

I am currently on Diet Vanilla Coke #3... which means that I am ready for business!!! MAYBE... not a whole lot can keep me awake these days.

I think my "friend" is coming to visit... unfortunately, I do not like this friend!

Random fact #3... Speaking of Diet Vanilla Coke and friends. You know you go to Sonic WAY TO MUCH when the girl taking your order is comfortable enough to ask you for a Tampon ;) Lucky for her, I was able to assist!

Think that's it for this edition of WAZZ UP WEDNESDAY.



Unknown said...


Oh that friend....her name is BERTHA and she's a BIATCH...

I'm sitting here watching GLEE as I type, btw :)

So happy to hear the 504 went well!!! That's a victory, my friend!

Meri said...

That is hilarious! You are so the good samaritan!

I like this Wuzz Up Wednesday! Sweet!
And PS I'm so happy the meeting went well! Phew!

LaLa said...

OMG - cracking up!!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

First, your post made me laugh, and now I'm laughing even more after reading the comments! :)

Unknown said...

OK...the freakin' tampon story is TOP NOTCH! And I hope your friend doesn't read your blog Lora!!! EEEEEK.

Sorry about the lows and that is great news on the 504.

Thanks for starting out my day with a laugh.

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