Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's Wednesday... you know what that means...

Here we go again with all the things happening at my house that you probably don't need to know. But who cares... I'm telling you WAZZUP anyways Wakka Wakka.

*To follow up on the Jeep thing... it's a go!  Jeep 
I have to ride back out there after work on Friday to pay and pick it up. Anthony has ALREADY picked up a 4 Wheel Drive catalog(jeep parts) and has big plans. This comes as no surprise to me. I am sure it will be jacked up hillbilly style before you know it.

*Did you know they make Jeep cookie cutters? I kid you not! I saw it for myself in above mentioned catalog. I wonder how many Jeep lifting, tobacco chewing, dirty reds buy those?? I say "dirty red" with love because I have me one of those... so no offense!

*I have not finished reading all of the Dblog day posts, but so far, my favorite quote has to be from Joanne over at Death of a pancreas... "There are only two things my daughter cannot eat; poison, and cookies... made with poison". LOVE IT!!! I am so going to use that the next time someone make a comment to me Toungue Out   

*Saturday is the JDRF Tampa Bay Chapter's Gala, A Cure for the Kids. I am all signed up to volunteer that night.

*Justin has to write a "Tropicana Speech". It is a public speaking assignment. I want him to write it about Diabetes as a way to spread awareness and he wants to write about "The art of bugging your sister". I do agree that he just might be an expert on both subjects.

*Speaking of Justin... he can no longer be used as a mop. He has gotten  hair cut.

*GIVEAWAYS!!! Have you entered this weeks Sugar Bolus?? is hosting and has a prize fit for any princess.

*OH! And speaking of Giveaways... JUST WAIT till you see whats coming next. This weeks Sugar Bolus Giveaway is in honor of World Diabetes Day. Keep your eyes open because the rules are changed up a bit for this particular giveaway and you DON'T want to miss it!

Happy Wednesday!!!



Unknown said...

I loved Joanne's quote too! And jeep cookie cutters? Now that must be a sight to behold woman!!! I think you HAVE to get them as stocking stuffers girl.

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Post a pic of Justin with his new 'do, please!!! :)

So, are you going to buy the Jeep cookie cutters? Inquiring minds want to know! ;)

Have fun at the Gala!

Jen said...

Hooray for Waazup Wednesday! Can't wait to see the new do!

Heather said...

Can't wait to see some pics of the new hair cut!
Joanna's quote was one of my favorites too. Thanks for a heads up on this weeks Sugar Bolus. I was curious and my curiosity has been calmed for a day or so. :)

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