Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My D Mama twin wants to know...

Alexis over at Justice's Misbehaving Pancreas posted a Meme of sorts yesterday of things she wanted to know. She also requested some pics of our most favorite D rockstar!

Ask and you shall receive my D Mama twin :)

For informative purposes: Justin age 9 Type 1 since 10/21/08.
(That line did not require much editing).

 When did you guys start pumping? June of 2010 with Animas Ping

(This line did not require much editing either).
What do you use to change sites? Whats your "process"?

 We numb the area with Emla cream, use IV preps to clean the skin and insert site(easy peasy lemon squeezy).

How often do you check ketones? I check for unexplained high bg's that will not budge after a correction.

When do you do an unscheduled site change?  Same as above... for unexplained high bg's that will not budge after a correction. If that bad boy gets pulled out bla bla bla.

Whats your child's target? 80 - 120 but at night I like to shoot for 150 because you never know when he is going to drop. He keeps me on my toes like that!


What was your child's last A1C?  6.5

What kind of strips do you use?  One Touch

Which do you prefer? I LOVED the Aviva. There were less errors messages. I switched to one touch a while before we started pumping because of the difference in cost. The Aviva's were WAY more $$$.  I also liked the Bayer... but by the time I tried them we were getting ready to start pumping.

What kind of Peanut Butter do you use? Peter Pan... no reason, that's just how we roll.


Do you allow juice when not low? notsomuch! Bet were low all the time so he gets plenty! We do get the fruitfall(?) water pouches that have like 4g in them. If his numbers have been good... those don't hurt.

Do you still check your child at night? Yes, Justin's body has a mind of its own and not checking is not an option.

What is your rule on sweets? To be honest... he probably eats more now than he ever did before D. Now he gets extra snacks at school to keep him steady, extra snacks when he goes outside, snacks before bed to bump up his numbers for the night.


Regular pasta or whole wheat? Regular... have not tried the whole wheat yet.

What about veggies and fruits? Justin LOVES LOVES LOVES pineapple so he eats it almost every day in his lunch. He will eat some veggies like greet beans and carrots.

White bread or whole wheat? Natures Own white wheat... I tried, but Justin will not eat "brown bread".

Do you use glucose tabs? Yes, its a habit. I need to go get some smarties, but Justin doesn't "take care of business" if you will. If I knew he would just eat them and get it over with... I would be good.
Getting him to eat 2 or 3 big things is easier than 20 little ones.

What do you use to treat lows? Mostly Juicy Juice and glucose tabs.

What does your child use to hold their pump/cgm? Justin uses the belt clip for his pump and he puts D'Com(cgm) in his cargo pocket when he wears it.

So that's it... thats all what she wanted to know.

And now for some of my favorite J pics... I think I am going to take you back in time... enjoy!

Just being a bad ass
                                                                      Just hangin

                                                                       Sexy Sexy

                                                                  Chillin with the Pumpkins

                                                               I have just aleays liked this one

Doing sissys hair
Wearing sissys boots

                                                                Trying to blow stuff up!

Happy Wednesday!


Unknown said...

AWESOME! Love your super awesome D Hero...the boots totally rock :)

Alexis Nicole said...

Where do I begin? LOVE the tite! And HOLY crap! They started pumping same month too?! This is getting carazy! Lol

love all the pics, such a cutie patootie!!!

Mike LeBlanc said...

love the dirt bike pic !! reminds me of myself as a kid...

Unknown said... you still become sad when looking at pre-D pix Lora? I just got a wave of it when looking at a young Justin.

You roll the same as well on the lows.

Great meme...

Anonymous said...

Great meme, love the pictures! ((Hugs))

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