Monday, November 29, 2010

Around the Doc...

-Tomorrow marks the end of November and therefore marks the end of NaBloPoMo. I can't not believe I made it. I have to admit... I will probably not be posting for SEVERAL days.

-Yesterday was dubbed "special sib of a D-kid day". There were tons of posts out there about some pretty special kiddos. I did however forget to send love to Alexis and Jenna for coming up with such a great idea. YOU ROCK LADIES!!!

-Don't forget to hop over to The Princess and the Pump and enter this weeks Sugar Bolus... it's a Black Friday Mega giveaway.

Be sure to check back in on Friday. I am back at it again with a Sugar Bolus that is SURE to raise your bg's

-D-Mom blog is giving away a set of PJ's for the Cure.

That is all I know of this week... please feel free to mention anything you know that is coming up.


Nicole said...

WOOO HOOO you did it!! I forgot to give those wonderful ladies props too :(

Unknown said...

WOOT!!! OK you "COOL" D DID IT. I really enjoyed getting to know you even better. The ATV thing really surprised me...I love that about you...well that AND your potty mouth :)

Have a great few days off from blogging. You inspired me this month Lora. Thank you for that.

Heather said...

Of course you won't be blogging! You will be in Chicago!!! :)

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