Saturday, November 6, 2010

The email that saved a life...

Right before Justin got his pump, I decided to get a smart phone so that I had the ability to look up carb counts and such while were were out and about. I went back and forth between Blackberry and Droid. In the end... The Droid fit my needs a little better and the hubbs liked his, so I went with it.

I have NEVER been interested in getting my emails on my phone. I feel that I have enough to handle without having my emails attached to me 24/7. HOWEVER... several weeks ago, my computer was acting up and I needed a temporary email checking tool soooo you know what I did.

It has been driving me crazy. Every time you turn around " Droid... Droid... Droid". That's all you hear. ALL.THE.TIME. Every email that comes through.

For the last several weeks... I have been saying that I need to sit down and take it off. I just have not had time to actually play with it and figure out how.

THEN last night.

Picture this... it was a dark, quiet, FREEZING cold house. Everything was still. Not a peep in the rooms. Everyone was snuggled under their soft fleece blankets when all of the sudden at 12:58 in the morning a ticked off mama was awoken by the sound of DROID...DRIOD...DROID...DROID; over and over again!

Apparently the lines must be busy at 12:58 in the morning because my email was taking forever to load (hence the continuous DROIDING going on). 

As I looked at the clock, I was a little pissy to say the least. You see... I had perfectly planned to wake up at 2am to check Justin according to his bg of 129 at 11pm. According to me... I still had another 62 minutes to sleep and I needed it damn it! 

Anywho, as I tried to shut up said droiding pain in the ass phone(I did not have the option of "volume down" because I need to hear said 2am alarm) the 42 degree chill hit me. As a born and raised Floridian... that's damn cold! 

Let me just say... 42 degrees at 1 o'clock in the morning is instant pee pee dance weather. So as I sit on the thrown... it hits me. Why don't you just check on Justin now. HELLOOO GENIUS ;) lol

And guess what... he was FIFTY FREAKIN ONE!!! 

I have two thoughts on this...

#1 Thank you stupid, non loading, droiding over and over, email at 12:58 in the morning for waking me up so that I could give my sweet, sleeping child some Juicy Juice. 

#2 Dang it... I'm STILL going to have to get up at 2am and make sure he's okay! Don't you know that I am F'ing tired?!? Doesn't working all day and volunteering for 3 1/2 hours tonight, qualify me for a break?

Yes, I was fighting with myself at one in the morning.

I did ask the hubbs to check him at 2am because I was just dragging. Justin was 129 and I set the alarm for 3 to check again.
Unfortunately, I slept through above mentioned 3am alarm and did the mad dash through the house and up the ladder when my eye (yes, just one of them) peered open and seen 5:50 on the clock through my sleepy glazed eyeball.

Do you want to know what I saw....


Exhale... Where's the JJ??

This is what I have to say to D today...

Dear T1D,
I know you are the boss and you will prove it to me at what ever time you wish. I apologize for getting mad at you at one a.m. for my lack of sleep; it must be the exhaustion kicking in.

I will try my best to do better so that YOU can lay off ;0)



Stephanie said...

Oh wow...what a night. Thank goodness for good ol' Droid! I never had a smart phone before UNTIL Adam's diagnosis a few months ago. Now my Droid is my best bud. ((hugs)) to you and I hope you can catch a nap today.

Nicole said...

THANK GOODNESS FOR THAT DROID...and just like in my post I posted today I truly feel like things happen for a reason!! BTW love your signature at the bottom of your post!

Joanne said...

Lora, I think that may have been Lenny and Harold sending you that email... good to know their back on the job!

Heather said...

That was quite a night! Good thing for the Droid waking you up! :)

Meri said...

The emailing angel. What kinda spam was sent your way at that hour? Was it Target that saved him? Was it Pottery Barn? Whoever it was...thank goodness for that email!

Hallie Addington said...

I feel your pain, chickie. This week has sucked monkey balls. Thank God you caught it. Hey- where was Dex? Was he sleeping on the job?!?

Anonymous said...

Does make you wonder sometimes...things happen for a reason??? That is so cool that you mention the Droid. Just got one this week!!! I have never used a phone for anything but talking before this week and am amazed at what this thing can do! Happy sleeping to you (when it comes that is!?)

Unknown said...


We're thinking about getting a pair of Droids soon....maybe....

LOVE LOVE LOVE your signature!!

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