Saturday, November 13, 2010

That Freakin Friday!!!

What a freaking Friday it was... I think that if I told you what all happened yesterday you would say "NO FREAKING WAY"! But in the words of Reyna... "I can't make this shit up".

First, before I begin, I hope you all entered the Great PJ Giveaway in honor of World Diabetes Day. One winner will be announced every hour throughout the day tomorrow. What better way to celebrate WDD than with a free pair of PJ's for a Cure.

So... onto yesterday. The morning started out okay. I was going to be on time for work in spite of the hubbs being home. Love him, but he is ALWAYS in my way and messing up my morning mojo!

THEN the phone rings... it is Leighanna telling me that Justin forgot his lunch... again. I look at the hubbs like... you can take it for me so I can leave for work, but guess what... he says he can't drive his work truck 10 minutes down the road to drop off his son's lunch.

You've got to be flippin ass kidding me!!!!!

Tornado Tyrant Lora started spinning!!! UN FUCKING BELIEVABLE!!! Yeah, I said it! AND I said it LOUD!

Who cares if I am going to be late... right?

So I grab my dress and throw it on. Love this little casual black, strapless, fun dress. BUT WAIT!! I can't zip it??? It's... It's STUCK!

So I have to go to above mentioned hubbs, who I am not happy with and now he is also fighting with fun black dress' zipper.

OH FORGET IT!!! I say after several minutes of me feeling like a big fat ass. It didn't matter if it was actually a zipper malfunction.

So now, I can't get the dress off because zipper that won't go up... won't go down either. FANTASTIC!! I literally end up breaking the zipper off in order to remove the dress. I do not do this gracefully by any means. It was a circle spinning, madder than the hatter, ticked off, tornado twirling, cursing and stay the hell out of my way or die kind of situation.

At this point, I go for whatever is in my closet that is dry and does not have to be ironed. Now... I am way to dressed up for casual Friday (I was asked why I was dressed nice on a Friday btw... casual Friday is pretty serious stuff ;).

Before I stomped out the door, Justin's lunchbox in hand, I made one last PMS like comment to the hubbs to make sure he knew I was not happy that HE made me late.

The road to the kids school was good. Not to much traffic. Run in... drop off... ran out. DONE!

The road leaving the school was filled with a hold up due to construction(stupid ass new house being built... how dare it need cement). Legs tapping, Lora huffing... I am sure that they eventually noticed my death stare because they did eventually let me through.

Half way there... I noticed I forgot my own lunch. I don't work long enough to clock out and go buy... so I have to pack and I eat at my desk. What ever! I am not surprised. 

SOMEHOW... I was only 11 minutes late. Not good, but not bad.

Work was... well, work"ish". The hubbs brought me my lunch.. not sure how he did that in his "work truck", but I will be nice because I didn't ask him to notice it on the counter and bring it to me... he was being nice. I think he knew that he was in trouble!

At some point in the day.. The seam in the back of my pants came undone. NO KIDDING. I can blame the dress on the zipper, but splitting my pants can only be caused by the "your but is getting way to big" syndrome. So I am not sure how long I was walking around with that 2 inch split... but I think the guys at work got a peep show yesterday.

Enough about that... moving on!

Anthony worked late last night, so it was up to me to meet the guy at the bank to buy his Jeep. I was suppose to meet the guy at 4:30 about 45 minutes away from my house.

I rushed out of work at 2:40... drove 25 minutes home to pick up the kids... pull up to the bank and reach for my purse... feel... feel... do you see my purse? NO!!! Guess where I left it?!? AT FREAKING WORK! No ID... NO DEBIT CARD... NADA!

I ran inside anyways to see if I could go home... grab the copy of my DL and cash a check. Sure, she says. Just to make sure... I mention the amount.

OH! "We would need advanced notice to give you that much cash".
WHAT?!? Isn't this a bank? I wasn't asking for that much!

Holy shit! At this point it is 3:30. I need to pick up my brother in law... find cash and drive 45 minutes away in an hour. NOT HAPPENING!

I called, and the seller was nice enough to push it back to 5:00, but that was still limiting me on time.

I grab the B.I.L. go back to work... 25 minutes in the opposite direction I need to be going... grab my purse... stop at the bank, who SCRAPPED up enough cash to give me. When I walked up... she said... I have $4000.00. My response... but I don't need $4000 I need THIS MUCH!

Stupid Banks without money... WTH?

All is good... led foot down... made it there at 5:03 :)

Go in the bank... wait, wait, wait. Go back with the loan officer and he says... Oh! its after five... the titles department is closed. DEAR LORD!

I paid the Jeep off and i got a notarized bill of sale, but I have to go back out there on Monday to take care of the title. Let's just hope he is an honest fellow ;)

This will be all hillbilly-fied soon!
Good new is... we no longer have to share a car! That was two weeks of hell I tell ya!

Throughout the day... I noticed that Justin's numbers had been creeping up. Before dinner he was 195, not bad, just unusual. I corrected and bolused for dinner.
It was a long late night. We hung out and chatted a bit with the family when I dropped my B.I.L. off.

Before bed at 11pm... Justin was 427. I only did a half correction because full corrections bite me in the butt on most nights.

Alarm set... 1am... 305. Okay, correction not good enough... correct again.

Alarm set... 3am... 406. Shit stix! Don't want to wake him up... lite correction via syringe.

Alarm Set... 5am... 462. Damn it man! I gave him 4 units via syringe and put the Emla on to do a site change.

Alarm set for 5:30am... wake up... full site change.

5:45am.... 480... snarl! I gave him a correction 45 minutes ago... why are we going up?

Don't dare to correct again.

Set alarm... 6:30am... 390 okay, going in the right direction.

8am... 331...  huge correction... breakfast. I hope this is not going to be a long day.

10am... 183. Exhale!

I need a Coke!

Looking forward to a Supertastic Saturday.


AjsMommy82 said...

Wow what a CRAZY day!!! Sounds like you need more than a COKE!!! :) So gald this post didn't include you backing your car into anything! ;)
And so Glad you got a 2nd car!!!! Yayhoo!!!
Hope this week is tons better!!!

LaLa said...

Good hell that was CRAPTASTIC! WTF - with the work truck? Is he still in the doghouse?

LaLa said...

Love the new blog top --- what's it called? Header?

Alexis Nicole said...

love the new header! Holy shit balls what a day! Side bar: do you use emla for all site changes??

Unknown said...

LOVE the header - I noticed it yesterday...but didn't want to comment during the WDD GREAT PJ GIVEAWAY. VERY cool.

Uhm, I almost pissed myself witht the whole "zipper" issue...and then the pants...FFS Lora, you are killing me with the "wardrobe" issues...and the hubbs with the work truck - ah yeah right... Thank GOD he brought you lunch.

AND, I would definitely need more than a damn coke! You don't drink coffee???? I drink a pot EVERY MORNING!

Donna said...

PRETTY new blog header!!!! =)

Ok - I needed a laugh... and I must say I totally got one at your expense with the whole dress/zipper/pants/peep show thing. LOL

My hubby would totally be in the doghouse for that too.... but at least he brought you lunch!! =)

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