Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I almost forgot that today was Wednesday... Hello Lora... WAKE UP ALREADY!!!

 Any who, I am so glad I remembered because now I can do my Wazzup Wednesday post... right on!

 Just in case you have no clue what Wazzup Wednesday is... here's a recap: if you have ever wondered whats going on at our house... this is where you find it. You may also find out some things you didn't wanna know. It's a crap shoot either way.

Here we go...

~RED ALERT: Its only day three of NaBloPoMo and I am already resorting to "Wazzup Wednesday" because I can't make up my mind about what to write. Its gonna be a looong month!

~Leighanna was invited to a Halloween party (her 1st one) last Saturday. Her dead head, sleep deprived mother didn't READ the invite and assumed it was a birthday party. I sent a present. Leighanna was embarrassed and I had to give her a lesson in "playing off mom's brainlessness" when such happenings occur.

~The little girl sent the present back on Tuesday.

~I received a SUPER EXCITING email today about an upcoming Sugar Bolus that is SURE to make you fall over in sugar shock!! Be sure to keep your eyes out in the DOC so you don't miss it :)

~Speaking of Sugar Bolus... don't forget to enter this weeks bolus.  

~I miss my old car :{ Anthony convinced me to get the white one because we decided to buy rather than lease... I.HATE.WHITE! I am STILL wishing I would have stuck to buying the black one. Personal issues... I will get over it.

~We choose to buy the car this time because Leighanna just turned 11. By the time the car is payed off she will be 16 (sniff sniff). The plan is for us to pass it on to her. Then its BACK.TO.BLACK.BABY!

~Anthony STILL doesn't have a car. (Both of our leases went back at the same time). This one car thing is for the birds and he needs to get moving on figuring out what he wants... PRONTO! THEN... his car will go to Justin in 6 years (EEK!). I think I am starting to have chest pains.

~The homeroom moms of Justin's AGP (academically gifted program) decided to collect money to purchase ipad's for the teachers. I think this is ridiculous and expecting a lot out of parents. I will be shocked if they collect enough donations to buy them. Even so, I sent money anyways. I am kinda a sucker like that.

~I am secretly wishing that I don't get called into work tomorrow :) I wanna sneak out and do a little shopping.

~I am trying to get off "the juice". You know... my Route 44 diet Vanilla cokes. What in the world did you think I was talking about.

~I would like to loose about 10 lbs before December 3rd so that I can fit my fat ass into some of my pants. I will tell you all about December 3rd... somewhere around December 7th.

~Now that November is upon us... I can't wait to find out what deals they have planned for Black Friday so that I can map out my shopping strategy.

~I also need to find a partner in crime(or a few) for the above mentioned deal seeking day.

~I seriously need to stay out of the Halloween candy or 10 lbs will be the least of my worries.

~As soon as I find a few spare hours days(because I am a bit OCD) I plan on changing up my header a bit. I have some favorite pictures from our Littlest Heroes Project photo shoot with Amanda Kern(post to come)

I guess that's enough for this Wednesday... wazzup at your house?


Alexis Nicole said...

our anniversary is dec 3rd...whats it mean at your house!? I love black cars too. Ours is white. Ipads? Really. Wow. Love your waaaaazzzzup wens twin!

Nicole said...

Awww Lora my auntie Ann Always says "right on" when I read that just now I had the biggest smile on my face. and MMMMMYYYY GOODNESS an Ipad for a teacher... holy crap! Are you in the 90210 area code?? :)and poor Leighanna :( but I'm sure the girl was happy, well until she had to return the gift :)

Jen said...

I love Wazzup Wednesday!

Hallie Addington said...

Holy shit! I work in the wrong school district! That's just crazy.

Maybe you could spray paint the car?

You're killing mr with DEC 3rd. Killing. Me.

Anonymous said...

Love your Wazzup!

Misty said...

Can't wait til Dec 7 to hear all about it ;)

Meri said...

I like getting the low down on your fam. :)

Heather said...

I am having a hard time deciding what to write about too.

The ipads are seriously....crazy.

It sucks having one car. I hope your hubby finds one SOON! :)

Donna said...

FUN post!!! =) Whats Dec 3rd???? ;o)

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