Monday, August 8, 2011

I Lie Everyday...

I realize that I am not participating in NaBloPoMo this month, but that doesn't mean that I can't "borrow" a prompt right?

I accidentally hit the saved prompt button on my favorites bar and today's NaBloPoMo prompt caught my eye. "Do you always tell the truth?".

Of course the first thought in my head was YES!
But then I thought about it... I lie everyday.

I lie when I force a smile.

I lie when I say "I'm fine".

I lie when I act as if an out of range number doesn't bother me.

I lie when fight back the tears while I watch a low.

I lie when I ignore my breaking heart during a seizure.

So if you ask me if I always tell the truth... No, I don't. I lie everyday.

Do you always tell the truth?


Meagan said...

Ooh, good point Lora. I suppose by plastering on our gameface, we lie to protect the ones we love. Well said.

sky0138 said...

LOVE this post! I too am a liar every single day...thanks to diabetes

Alexis Nicole said...

Hmm. Well the reason a lot of people don't like me...I don't lie often lol. I seem to tell i t like it is too much.

But like you I tell those lies all too often.

But not with you. Ever. You can always tell me the truth and ill listen and get it. Love u!!!

Sarah said...

darn question...I wish I could say yes, that I ALWAYS tell the truth...but there I'd go again lying. I lie when I say I don't fear my husband's future with his diabetes care, I lie when I say "yep, things are going smoothly." I lie when people ask if they can help and I say, "no, we're doing alright," because truly the trouble is that it is a LOT of work to have people trained and able to truly help, so much work that I can't even imagine doing it over, and over, and over when in the long run it would probably be helpful.
ugh...I guess I'll admit it now, that I lie all the time too!

Unknown said...


Me too

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

liar, liar, pants on fire....oooo that's hot! do you have an extinguisher I can borrow? :)

Amy said...

I have to day this is probably my favorite all time post from you. Sure, I love the smack talk and cussing and funny jokes, but this is REAL. So real it felt like a frying pan slapped me upside the head. So real I want to say ditto. I AM A LIAR, TOO!!!!!!

Meri said...

I lie too. I'm a big fat liar. I'm glad I'm not alone in my liar-ness. But I figure sometimes we have to lie, even to ourselves, to get through the day.


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