Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Adventures...

I have no clue how I am still awake right now... I am beyond exhausted. But with one more Black Friday under my belt, I am ready for the holiday season to begin.

This year we were on a mission... One 32" Tv for the crazy, only on black Friday price of $198.00. Not for me this time around, but for Aunt Gwen.

I told Aunt Gwen that I forgot to get a picture of us shopping so that I could blog about it... she just laughed as always. Gotta love Aunt Gwen. She wouldn't be laughing if she knew what I was about to show you instead.

I figured since I was going to chat about Aunt Gwen... I should let you meet her... (these pics are just as embarrassing for me btw!)

 NO WORRIES!! She no longer has a fro and I no longer have those shorts... or those glasses!! :)
Gwen and I pretty much grew up together. She is a little under four years older than I am. SHE IS the one person I can always count on to show up at birthdays and Baptisms and First Communions. She is there for me... anytime I need her! I LOVE HER FOR THAT!

So now that "meeting" Aunt Gwen is out of the way... I suppose I should get back to my post...

Every year I flip through the Black Friday ads... scanning... plotting... mapping out every move as if we were standing on a chess board. I LOVE the chase of it all.

Weird, I know!

Plans were set and I left my house at 1:30am and headed to Walmart. YES... Walmart.

Once we found the proper line we were suppose to be in... the wait began(we had to wait until 5am for the deal). This year the store opened at midnight so the lines were inside. This particular Walmart was pretty organized which always makes the experience less stressful. We each took turns running around the store to score the door buster deals the had starting at midnight.

Just so you know... I am a BAD people watcher. Shame on me I know, but I can't help it... it makes for great entertainment and I just can't resist.

Of course you have seen people of We all know that Walmart is the epiphany of people watching madness. Right?
Well... let me introduce you to "Weird Al Dynamite".

We came up with this name because he was a cross between Weird Al Yankovich and Napolian Dynomite. SERIOUSLY!!

Poor thing was just a little on the weird side. His mannerism, his water bottle shoved in his "Urkel" pants. His sweatband and yes... I do believe that WAS indeed a Mullet!

I shouldn't make fun... he probably doesn't know any better. But he made the time go fast.

On a good note... we DID score the TV.

Then... it was off to Target via a quick pit stop at Starbucks for a yummy White Chocolate Mocha Latte.

Target was a bust... both Targets we stopped at were out of the uber cool video gaming chair that I wanted to nab for Justin. O-well! That's the black Friday game... you win some... you loose some.

In the end... I scored a $40 video recorder for Leighanna, two $8 jogging suits for Justin, a cute little velor sweat suit for me $20. Guess was having an additional 50% off and I scored a $10 shirt for me and REALLY CUTE $10 shorts for Leighanna. $2 fleece gloves and hat for my upcoming trip to freezeville and some cute $25 furry boots. All that and I was home by 10am.

I have not been to sleep yet!

Its 10:30PM 11:02PM

I am T-I-R-E-D!

Anthony left to go hunting about 45 minutes after I got home so it will be a quiet weekend with my two favorite kiddos and Oakley.

Twas a good day of laughter, girl chat and the game of shopping!



LaLa said...

I've never done the black Friday shopping game but it sounds super fun!! SCORE on the TV!

Love the pics - - I think I had those same shorts!

Unknown said...

Sounds like FUN!!! And Aunt Gwen sounds like a dream Lora. EVERYONE needs and "AUNT GWEN" in there lives. Don't ya think?

Heather said...

So glad you had a good time! It's good to have a great friend like Aunt Gwen. We didn't have much shopping to do this year. I did go out and get a few clothes for myself. I need a new pair of gloves for next weekend too! You will love the cold weather, NOT! I don't like it and I live here! lol

We are getting the kids a Wii and the best deal was this morning so my hubby is in line as I write this. #19 with 22 of them available.

BTW - I love the pics! I am with Laura, I had the same shorts, but they were yellow. lol

Tracy1918 said...

I CANNOT believe you left the house at 1:30AM!!! You are unstoppable! Can I be like you when I grow up? : )

Hallie Addington said...

I Love Aunt Gwen! And I love people watching, too! You make me laugh! Glad you had a fun time!
Ps- feels like 25 here... Just sayin'

Unknown said...

I heart Aunt Gwen!!! I'm so excited with your Black Friday adventure :)

Amy said...

Lora, you are a nut! I am glad there are women like you who embrace the moment and find joy in the hunt. I, on the other hand, just enjoy listening to stories like yours. ;)

Love the photos of 'Weird Al Dynamite'! Ha!! You nailed it with that name.

Glad you had a good time and I certainly hope you are catching up on some sleep!

Meri said...

I hit the same sales, and missed out on the same TV that you guys were hunting for. ;( But I did get an ipod touch with 40 dollars in Target gift cards. Score!

Love the pics guys are adorable!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

People of is hilarious, as is your commentary on Weird Al Dynamite.

I love your enthusiasm for Black Friday. We went for it this year for the very first time. Fun, fun, fun!

Everyone should have an Aunt Gwen in their life!

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