Monday, November 15, 2010

When Site Changes SUCK...

Okay Okay... site changes always suck! But there are times that are more suckity than others...

*When your site gets pulled out as your mom is putting dinner on the table... site changes sucks!

*When you do more than one site changes in a day(or in two days for that matter)... site changes sucks!

*In the middle of the night... site changes sucks!

*When it's time to leave for school and you pull your site out... site changes sucks!

*When your not home and you have no supplies, but you need a site change... site changes sucks!

*When you need a site change and UPS has not delivered your pump supplies... site changes sucks!

*In an airplane... site changes sucks!

*When you point the tube in the wrong direction... site changes sucks!

*When you get a batch of insets with bad adhesive... site changes sucks!

*When you do a site change with bad changes suck! 

*When your super awesome site changing hubbys out of town... site changes suck!

*When you pull out a site and it's a bleeder... site changes suck!

*When your embarrassed because your moms lookin at your butt... site changes suck!

*When you get bubbles... site changes suck!

*When you pull out your site while taking off your clothes... site changes suck!

What makes site changes suck for you????

**Disclaimer... this post was meant to be funny and not at all a bitch session. It was inspired as Justin brought me his site(in hand) after I told him to come sit down for dinner.


Nicole said...


Not the post the site changes :)

What a fun post...loved it!!

Alexis Nicole said...

Hmmm honestly the worst for us are middle of the night site changes. I get kicked...alot. Lol

Meri said...

When do they not suck? That is the question! I think the worst is when you JUST did one, and you have to do one right away again. That is super no fun. :(

Amy said...

Yeah....they you said...all of the above....blech.

Unknown said...

Loved this...I hate the one's right when we are ready to eat, AND the middle of the night ones...oh and the airplane one REALLY sucked - LOL.

Loved this post Lora, what a great and CLEVER idea.

Mike LeBlanc said...

I have to say infected sites are still the absolute worse. They don't happen often, never for some, but if or when they do happen, they definitely suck the most.

And... are site changes usually the hubby's job? it is at our house. and now it seems like the norm in other houses as well.

Heather said...

I love this post!! I can not even imagine in an airplane!! That is just crazy!

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