Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wazzup Wednesday...


WAZZUP!?!?! It's been while since I've done a Wazzup Wednesday post. Probably has something to do with never knowing what day it is.

Lots of things going on...

Be sure to get your nominations in for "Best of the Betes Blogs". You only have until midnight tomorrow(7/28).

Hallie is working on a "Faces of Diabetes Project" that sounds awesome :) If you hurry, you might still have time to send in your pic.
There is also a giveaway happening right now at The Princess and the Pump. Hurry, you have until Sunday July 31st to enter.

Kim over at Texting My Pancreas has started to choose random featured videos for the You Can Do This Project. Be sure to check back daily to see who's next.

Before I forget... Happy Birthday to Insulin! 

Looking for a fun way to support a cure? Stop by and read sweet Lizzy's story at Cranes for a Cure. She has already reached 49% of her goal. Lets help her get to 100%. After all, its for a GREAT cause.

NINE more days until August 5th!!! Do YOU know what happens on August 5th?

 THE Ice Cream Social!!!!                   Hottest event in the D.O.C!

Four more days of NaBloPoMo in July. Yes, I'm starting to count down the days.

I think that's it. I hope I didn't miss anything. 
Happy Wednesday!


Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

Thanks for the reminder about the cranes...totally need to 'get' one for Bean!!

Unknown said...

I am gonna miss your daily postings Lora.

Meagan said...

Awesome reminders of some fun projects, thanks!

I am way too excited about the ice cream social on Aug 5th...can't wait!!! :)

The DL said...

Thank you for the reminders! I love seeing one place that summerizes everything that is going on!

Amy said...

I couldn't keep my eyes off the sparkly cupcakes . . they were mesmerizing! Or, I am really tired and just need some sleep. Yep. Going with that ;)

LaLa said...

Wow - I feel all caught up now! Thanks!

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