Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Today its all about the fish...

NaBloPoMO... day 6

Just for fun, I decided to go with today's prompt again. "What kind of fish are you most like?".

I admit, I don't know a whole lot about fish personalities so I did what any normal adult who plays on Facebook a lot would do... I took a personality quiz. YES! It was about what type of fish I am.

Step 1: Go to Google
Step 2: Type in What kink of fish are you most like
Step 3: Choose a quiz

Let me just say in advance that I took three different quizzes. Quiz one and two both informed me I was a shark. Excuse me! I am no shark!

I liked quiz three the best... it called me a Fancy Guppy.

You're probably well-liked by the opposite gender.
You're the type that wants a happy family later in life, or already has one currently. You can range from average to absolutely brilliant, depending on the situation.

That's sounds like me. I have always been able to "hang with the boys". I have never been an prissy girl but I CAN clean up well . I play sports but love pink. I prefer jeans, but kick em with some kick ass heals. You know... that type.

Happy family... check!

And "brilliant". Why yes, yes I am thankyouverymuch!

HA! Told you I'm not a shark.

Happy hump day!


Valerie said...

We must have taken the same quiz...the 1st one I took said shark! Ummmm no. :) I guess I should probably re-take it when I'm not at work...!

Heather said...

Okay so I took the quiz because I was curious what it would say. I am an Angel Fish.

"You are definitely the peacemaker of all the fish. What I mean is, when people need advice they turn to you, whether it be with friends or relationships or hard decisions they have to make. You just like every thing to be perfect. You are the most serene and tranquil of all the fishes."

sound like me? I am not a perfectionist at all... :)

Hallie Addington said...

I got Angel Fish, Too!

Ok, I did another and got carp.
"Carp are one of the most under-appreciated fish around. They can live in virtually any body of water, even the most algae-ridden, oxygen poor ponds. They can also eat virtually anything. Carp aren't the scariest fish by any means, but other fish wisely tend not to mess with them. Most carp are solitary, although they'll form small schools at times. Carp don't live in the extreme north, as they require water that gets reasonably warm in summer. You're an underappreciated person. You cope well with change, and are a lateral thinker. Because of your introversion, and willingness to let others steal the limelight, your qualities are not appreciated by most people who know you. You have a few very close friends who know what an awesome person you are."
I like the whole not really scary but people don't mess with you thing! Ha!

Unknown said...

I wanna see the shoes with the jeans in person girl!!! I would kill myself in them; the stripper shoes. I am a flip-flop/boot and jean girl. Wonder what kind of fish is into those?

Amy said...

I won't take it because I just know it will say orca whale and then I will just have to go to my room and cry. Then eat a pint of Ben and Jerry's to feel better.

LaLa said...

hahaha --- I'm with Amy! I don't want to find out I'm a whale!!

I think you are a very fancy guppy!!

PS - check out my post today. :)

Cherished Children said...

Brilliant, indeed!

Misty said...

When I went to google to search...your blog post was the first listed!! :)

Then I actually found the quiz.

I'm a Clam!

You are pretty much always happy. You never truly have a strong opinion about anything though, You are liked by everyone and anyone. Happiness is your policy.

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