Sunday, July 10, 2011

Oh the Fun???

NaBloPoMo... day 10

This ones going to be short and sweet. I have been knee deep in Lego's and Nerf guns for two days... TWO!

When we decided to build Justin the loft bed, we didn't take into consideration that were were going to loose the storage space under his bed. Originally, he had a draw trundle under there, but as he got older and became a collector of every building toy imaginable... we decided to ditch the trundle and use the space for buckets 'o' toys.

This worked well.

So when the loft bed came along... we had no where to put the buckets and they have been a big stacked mess ever since. This is what happens when you don't think things all the way through.

Lesson 1... it is a pain in the ass to check blood in the middle of the night when you have to climb a step ladder.

Lesson 2... know what your going to do with the shit under the bed first.

I digress.

Anywho... this has been a topic in our house for some time and Anthony decided that "we" were going to fix it this weekend.

Saturday morning we headed out to Ikea for some form of shelving unit. I love Ikea

We picked up a shelf/bookcase type thing that could house 8 bins. We also grabbed 8 bins in case the ones we already had didn't fit(good thing... we ended up needing them).

When we got home we emptied EVERYTHING but the furniture out of Justin's room.

Exhibit A

Yes, that IS his crap all over the table.
Yes, that IS his tree
Yes, that IS him sitting in the middle of the mess p-l-a-y-i-n-g!
No, that is NOT all of it!!!

Justin's new shelf minus the bins.
At this point I have gone through and purged all of the old bins. Holy Lego's people!!! If anyone else buys this kid another Lego set for Christmas or his birthday... he's going to live with THEM!

I still have a crap load of stuff in my living room and dining room and I can hear the Lego's stirring around in there. I think I'm starting to get a twitch.

Happy Sunday!


Unknown said...

Watch out for those Legos underfoot...OUCH!

Can't wait to see the final product :)

Amy said...

I love his loft bed and the colors for the room!!!!

And, as for Ikea . . . yeah. . . . Major Love.

I have a Lego pimp, too. You might just be seeing something similar for our storage situation ;)

Tracy said...

Rod and Justin would get a long GREAT! My HUSBAND has a HUGE collection of Legos too. And if anyone buys him another set, I will send him to live with Justin. :) Rod bin upon bin of them, sorted by color of course. :)

Love the new shelving unit!

Tracy1918 said...

Checking BG while on a ladder? You are one Rockin' D-Mom for sure. make me laugh!

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

Finding places for all the stuff...not so much!
The girls are in VBS this week, so I'm doing some sorting and tossing of my own this week...not a lot of fun but sure makes me feel better!! :)

Hallie Addington said...

Ok- I'm totally cracking up! He is playing with the toys- in a Santa hat!! I love it!!!

And I LOVE that wall- did you paint that?!? Ooooh! Ideas! I love decorating!

I also love me some Ikea! I love their kids section and buy tons of stuff for my classroom! LOVE their bins!!

Next we visit we are coming to your house!

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