Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ice Cream Social...

Have you heard?

It involves ice cream :)

Are you in?

I'm in! And so are 1,231 others... SO FAR.

It's an Ice Cream Social and EVERYONE is invited.

Here are the details copied from Facebook(Oh, the trouble you can get into on Facebook)...

Yes, we CAN have ice cream! In protest to Wendell Fowler's disgusting article demoralizing, and putting down diabetics of all types, wrongly spreading misinformation about what we can, and cannot eat... And telling us that we are like alcoholics, who should not be offered ice cream.

I want to cast the net for this event, as far and wide, as possible... If those people ...can have their 15 minutes of fame, so can we. So if you folks have people you want to invite, please do. We have two weeks to recruit and spread the word, spread awareness, and get attention for our cause, with a passion. I am excited and proud of all of you who have already decided to participate. :)

This event is meant to showcase that we can LIVE, as Diabetics, and enjoy ourselves... That we do not have limits on life, and that we can live within our boundaries of moderation, education, and common sense. CELEBRATE your life every day... And laugh in the face of ignorance.

Here's Mr. Fowler's original article: http://www.ss-times.com/20​11/07/15/pandering-to-diab​etics-you-bet/

Here's his flawed, copped out apology, at the same time as telling us that sugar is poison: 

And here's his editor's even crappier apology:


Have low carb ice cream, if you want... But please, share with EVERYONE! Invite all. :)

Feel free to add any pictures or video, or links, which are related to this event.

(Just to clarify... With this event, I am not advocating that you go eat more ice cream than you can handle, or than can fit with your dietary standards. Any person is welcome to eat a sensible portion, and if needed, bolus accordingly. :) )

Feel free to join our group, and share with friends. We're a relaxed group, we don't tolerate spamming or advertising sales for miracle crap products, or abuse of any kind. Just a place to have a conversation. :)

WARNING: Please note that abusive arguing, or spam of any kind, or even the mere suggestion of "contact me for blah blah," or whatever miracle product you might want to sell us will get you banned IMMEDIATELY. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Hope you will join us !


Valerie said...

I joined!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the reminder. I need to "attend"!!! :)

Meagan said...

I was so excited about this event. I am pleased to say I was one of the first 200 peeps to attend. I also got my hubby and son to attend. We are looking forward to ice cream day!!! :)

Amy said...

How have I gotten so behind on commenting????? Did you place a spell on me? Would you place a 'clean your house, make some meals and catch up on commenting spell' on me NOW!!!!!???

LaLa said...

I love the end ---- no blah blah blah! :)

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