Friday, July 22, 2011

Five Question Friday...

NaBloPoMo... day 22
To learn more about 5QF go HERE

Hello!!! Are you ready for another round of 5QF?

1. If your husband had the BIG V and you got pregnant what would your first reaction be? For the dudes, what would your first reaction be if your wife told you she was pregnant after the Big V?

What the FUUUUHHHHK?!?!?!?!  
Actually, I have a story. When Anthony had his "big V" done, Dr. Leffy(<--real name) gave him some advice. He said, "If your wife suddenly becomes pregnant... don't shoot her right away because this isn't 100%".

Ah! Thanks Dr. Leffy! BUT SERIOUSLY, WTF?

2. Best memory about this summer so far.

Summers are always good. No schedules(well, except that whole new job thing I've got going on). We've spent a long weekend at the beach and we hung out with Hallie. We haven't done anything to "vacation"y" yet.

Easy peasy summers are my fave!!

Tonight though; Leighanna acquired a new nickname. "Scara" as in mascara! Yeah, we were sitting at dinner and Mr. "not as blind as me" eagle eye daddy says are you wearing make up? I thought Scara was going to die! She was so busted. I think I need to start hiding my make up. Who needs a locking alcohol cabinet with an 11 year old girl around?

3. How often do you change your sheets? Your kids sheets?

Now were getting to the down and dirty stuff!

I would love to tell you that I change them every Sunday, religiously. BUT... its more like every other... Usually! *She hangs her head in shame*

4. Having just gone through TSA, would you rather have a full-body scan or a pat-down?

In truth, neither! But if I have to choose... Feel me up BA-BAY!!! I'll make sure I shave my legs for ya.

5. Since it is fair time...what's your favorite fair (county or state) memory?

It's fair time? Dude, our fair is in February. The carney's don't live real far away from me so that's... well, I don't know what that it.

Now hold on a minute while I go dig out the "extras" from last week(Que Jeopardy music plz)...

Nicole wanted to know "How in the hell did I miss this question and answer section last week?" - Gosh Nic... If I knew I would probably rule the world with all my ashwum(<-- is that how that's spelled Amy?) abilities.

Denise is interested in tattoos and naked bedrooms.
"the bedroom scene" was found at That's where I find most of my fun lil stuff.

Tattoo's... I have had three tattoos. One was a cover up leaving me two... technicality. Both are on my back. I do want one more on my foot, but I haven't found the right saying yet. I would like it to relate to walking/supporting D. Or some kind of sentimental shit like that.

Ideas dropped in the suggestion box would be great!

Amy says: I consider you my friend. If you EVER see him with Misty and those stripper shoes you'd better tell me!

YOU.BETCHA!!! I would be honored to be shot by you.

When do you apply the body glitter? That would be during rub down number two ;)

Who let's their hubby TOUCH them earlier than 6 months post-partum? That would be THIS dumb ass! That explains the reason for the big V as soon as Justin was born.

Liar. You are drunk right now and will be begging for hangover remedies on Facebook tomorrow ;)

I was so not lying! This week however, I found a really good drink at The Green Iguana". I had a couple at dinner... this would explain my worse than usual grammar and possibly the dancing in the car on the way home.

Really? I didn't ask any questions? I must have been drunk ;) WELL, THAT explains A LOT!

Hallie: See above!

Love you too Wendy!

Reyna asks: AND... how about the shoes??? Do you shower with them on? I wish I could have that kind of balance... we could get some fun use out of that vasectomy.

The one and only Alexis asks: What tats do you have and where? I have one on my shoulder that is two flowers and some leaves. Then there is one on my lower back... vine kinda thing also with flowers. I would love to add to or revamp the one on my lower back. Foot first though :)

OOOH! I bet you can give me some good ideas :)

And have you danced in said shoes? Yep! Dancing in stripper shoes... check!

Meri, ummmm...seriously. What is the difference between assier and a$$ier, because from where I is just semantics.
Question number 2...did I use semantics right?

Dear Meri! I might have to answer this one when I have the ability to look up that word... see mention of Green Iguana above.
Misty said... Lora, Lora, Lora! You DID NOT just rat me out on the shoes AND the tat did you?? Ahhh!

I told you not to let me get proof!  But no worries... Hallie took the heat.

I think that's it... is THAT all you've got?

Happy Friday!!

*Is thankful for spell check on this one!*


Alexis Nicole said...

I swear twin I love you!!

I am guilty of getting down before doctor approved it..

Sheets? No comment.

The question is where the stripper shoes the reason behind....oh man I don't think I can finish the question...lmao...

Andrea said...

Can't make this long....but I have been totally talking about getting a tattoo on my foot too!! It is going to simply say HOPE, but kinda feminine with a flower or soemthing attached!!! I just have to figure out exactly how I want it to look!! Ok, gotta finish getting Cale ready to go to camp....SCARY!

Unknown said...

Will "said foot tat" be visible while you don your stripper shoes? Or will frequently mentioned, joked about, worn HO Shoes cover the "at some time in your life foot tat"?

Amy said...

I didn't do this week's 5QF because my answer to that first one wouldn't have been appropriate for my family-friendly blog... LOL!

Meri said...

Did Reyna just say Ho shoes?

Did Reyna just call you a Ho?

Are you going to just sit there and take that?

Does Reyna know that Ho Shoes is my new favorite phrase?

Do you both know that I love you?

Sarah said...

you seriously crack me up!

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