Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wazzup Wednesday...

A little of this and a little of that!

Welcome to Wazzup Wednesday... WAZZUP everybody!?!?!?!
Can you believe that I have not posted a Wazzup Wednesday since July of 2011... Wazzup whit dat? I might need to go check again because that just seems cray cray!!

Anyways, lets get on with it; a few things happening around here... 

- I was GOING to do this Wazzup Wednesday as an entire vlog. I just spent more than an hour trying to edit a video, but now my head just hurts. I don't understand why I cant get them to "merge"(What program do people use?? ). There was some funny stuff in there too! No poking meat funny or anything, but I do make some wacky faces when I talk. 

Here's a little something ... if it will play.

-GUESS WHAT!!! Somebody(?!?!?) nominated me for a Wego Heath, Hilarious Health Activist Award... shut the front door!!! Seriously, thank you to the one somebody who thinks I'm hilarious ;)

You can still nominate your favorite blogs by going to

-Don't forget that there is a reason behind all the daily post... 
I am still mid NaBloPoMo challenge for the month of October. I hope you aren't completely sick of me, yet.

-The last couple things I am going to let the video talk about; I have to post something after sitting in here and talking to myself for so long... please be nice as I don't know how to edit out stupid parts. 


Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

you should totally win the hilarious category!

insufficient evidence?!?! that's what's cray cray! good luck tomorrow with that phone call!!

Kelly said...

Your just too cute for words! I have missed Wazzup Wednesday. Hope you were able to get someone to listen today with that phone call. xoxo

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