Monday, October 22, 2012

From of the Mouth of yours truly...

-"Do you want some help with that or would you prefer to sit there and cuss about it a little longer?"

-"I prefer to talk to people on the phone; you can't make faces at people when they're standing in front of you".

-"You don't give me chills, your getting on my nerves and it's making me twitch".

-"That's kickin it back 80's style when we use to lay down on the bed to button our jeans".

-"You just use me to dispose of your pickle".

-"What, you a little out of touch with women's undergarment's?!?!"

-"Those six beers are kind of suckin ass right now, aren't they?"


Sarah said...

love these post! Just what I needed for this crappy post no sleep morning when my kids woke up super needy and with a cold, too ;) have a lovely day!

sky0138 said...

totally laughing at the suckin ass one....AHAHAHA oh i love ya my friend!!

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

and this (among other reasons) is why I LOVE YOU!! ;)

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