Monday, October 1, 2012

No D Day and NaBloPoMo

So it's "no D day"(read more about that HERE) and the first day of my spontanious acceptance of the October National Blog Posting Month challenge (aka NaBloPoMo) (read more about that HERE.

Now here we are; torn between No D Day and explaining why I wanted to participate in this months NaBloPoMo challenge. I may just have to do two posts in one... here we go.

Yes, I am jumping into the NaBloPoMo challenge once again. Why the hell would I do that???
                                                                                                                   Pa-leeeze, its because I've lost all my sense.

When I saw the topic for October, "TAKE OFF YOUR MASK", all I could think was "could there be a more perfect topic these days?". I can't promise I will make it to the end without missing a day, I can't promise that my mask will come all the way off and I can't promise you won't get tired of me talking about my mask, but what the heck... I'm going to give it a go. HEY, I didn't even mention that "thing" I'm not allowed to mention :)

No D Day:
Lets just face it, Ninjabetic is just plain cool and if he says not to talk about the "thing" then I'm not talkin about the "thing". Besides... this gives me a chance to tell you all about moving day.

I am so excited!!! This addition has been in the the works since the end of May. It has taken forever, but today was moving day and I am finally in my new office. Here's a few pictures of our torture journey... 

We sort of started here... this was after the concerete was raised.

Looks a little like progress.

My bedroom was a mess!!

My living room was a mess!

and there were holes where there shouldn't be holes!

But then everything started to come together.
 Justin learned to drywall

 While I learned how to make a magnetic wall

See the three little magnets on that wall? You might have to really look :/ 

Long story short... we are at moving day.

Sissy cooked dinner so that we could "move".

Moving out in progress...

Anthony is "hookin me up"

and tomorrow, I will be working in my new office

Oakley has already claimed his spot... under my feet.

 Happy No D Day!


Heidi / D-Tales said...

Sweet! Yay for you! I have a little cabinet envy going on right now.

sky0138 said...

LOVE the new space!!! and I love your living room wall....awesome pattern!

Unknown said...

OMGosh...that is awesome Lora. AND...I love that checkered wall that in your TV room???

Meri said...

Now, I want checkered walls. You are so dang awesome! You deserve a swanky cool office to be all business like in!

Kelly said...

Love your style...Love you!

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