Monday, October 15, 2012

The "Almost" Accidental Bolus...

The look on his face was in indescribable as he grabbed his pump and let out a sigh of relief. It said 0.00u delivered. 

I asked him what was wrong and he gasps that he almost gave himself insulin by accident. I could guarantee that the look on my face was then, almost as indescribable as I started my lecture on the importance of the lock feature. At this point I'm thinking a whole lot of buttons had to be pushed to deliver that insulin, until...

"I know" he says, "but I accidentally pushed this button". "What button?" "The one on Top".

Audio bolus/ezBolus™
*photo courtesy of Google Images*

To be honest, I was under the impression that this was an audio button and otherwise useless, but apparently if the audio portion is not in use... it is an bolus shortcut. WHA?? Kind of a safety fail for the younger ones, in my unsolicited opinion.

Don't get me wrong, we love our Ping. I was just a little surprised because we have never had this happen(so I thought). I did try to turn that button off all together, searched the web for directions and then called tech support, but it's not an option. REALLY? There's an option to turn off the audio, but no option to turn off the ez bolus. WHY NOT?  

The only suggestion the rep offered was to "keep it locked". Thanks, I had that one on my own, but shit happens; he is only 11 ya know.

My complaint here is... Though it wouldn't be overly common, I can see how it could be completely possible to give an accidental bolus this way. The rep did not agree with this statement, but Justin did today. It delivered. Maybe this time it did only deliver 0.00 units, but one more "accidental" push of a button and things would have been different. Just sayin!

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Kelly said...

Whhhhaaaaattttt? THAT is the easy bolus button? A little TOO EASY if you ask me! Id be irritated/worried too!

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