Saturday, October 20, 2012

Put on your Pink Bra

I signed up for the "Put on your Pink Bra" walk this morning with some of my co-workers. Justin took one for the team and tagged along with me so that I didn't have to ride out there alone. He really can be sweet... sometimes. 

I snapped a quick picture of us as we started out(okay, I tried, but Mr.  I.can't messed me all up). 50% photo participation counts, right?

I snapped the above mentioned picture early because after about 15 minutes in the Florida heat (yes, even in October) is brutal and we end up a hot mess... literally. The walk was the typical 5k (3ish miles); we started out about 147... had a banana(partial bolus), skittle x 2(no bolus) and a Juicy Juice(no bolus) and ended with a sweet 113. I really should have skipped that partial bolus. 

Because my sweet brat went with me, I treated him to some Olive Garden where we both sucked down diet coke like we just walked 3 miles in the heat or something. Oh, yeah... we did!

Today was a great day... sweet one on one time with my sweetest boy. 

1 comment:

Kelly said...

Nothing better than a little Mother/Son time! Love those pics of him...what a real sweetie! xoxo

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