Thursday, October 25, 2012


Time. Where does it go?

This week Leighanna turned thirteen. My 4lb baby girl... a teenager. OY! I'm not really feeling that age much, ya know?!?! Or this teen attitude for that matter.

Anywho.... I have NO IDEA what to get her. NOT ONE! Okay, I have already picked up some clothes so I guess I did have one idea, but you know what I mean. Now, before you say "ask her", I did. Didn't get me anywhere. I thought about getting her an iphone because she is asking for a smart phone and if I'm going to get one I want to be able to send her emojicons(all about the emojicons) and most of her friends have them. She wouldn't get the 5 or anything, Verizon is offering the 4 for free. Of course we have to add in the data package. My issue with that is they break so darn easy and its so expensive to fix them. I'm not sure if she's responsible enough to take care of it. After all, she's is on her second ipod touch; and the screen was broken within like 2 days of her getting it. To trust or not to trust?? Then I was looking into a really cool Viola. Right now we rent one and it seems as if she is going to stick with it. But she is still growing, so I don't know if getting one now would be smart.

Past that... I have nothing and her party is THIS SUNDAY!!!

She loves to cook
She loves to dance and sing
She Loves all things nail polish
She's a prissy girly girl

And to help you think I will share a few of my favorite photos. I was looking at them today... *sniff sniff*



Sarah said...

beautiful, happy 13th!
I have been really into giving events rather than things - so something along the lines of a small group cooking lesson at a classy place (they're usually about $70 including a fun dining experience). Or a spa day with you, her and a best friend. A concert? You know something special that she gets to do with somebody, not just another thing. Oh, a while ago my mom got me season tickets to a nice theater in Seattle - it was the best gift. A whole year of theater...not that you'd have to do that much, but even just one made to be very special with getting a new outfit or hair done or something unique.
She sounds wonderful, have fun celebrating together :)

Kelly said...

13!!?? YIKES!! Maddison turned 12 this year and Im dreading 13 just cuz it sounds so much older! What a beautiful girl she is growing up to be!!

I was gonna say cooking classes too, how about a date with Mom or Mom AND Dad at a Salon? Nails, hair,, movie? Something to show her you admire this great age and the girl she is. Definetly a tough age to but for, mine always say "money" and that makes me so mad! Good luck finding the perfect gift, and hope its a great birthday!!

sky0138 said...

awww she is beautiful Lora :) I have no good ideas unfortunately...but I wanted to say i hope she has a great party!!

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