Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012...

OY! Its Halloween... I've never been a huge Halloween fan. Its okay, I guess, I could take it or leave it(mostly leave it). Of course my kids view it as dressing up to haul in loads and loads of candy. I veiw it as a big ol waist of money to take your kids out among the crowded mess of crazies, in order to gather a sack of cheep shit that I will slowly throw away without them even noticing. To each their own.

This year, Halloween has me a little more on edge; and it has nothng to do with the 11 year old diabetic gathering sugary candy... I'm cool with that. The bigger issue is that I have a sweet, trusting (but responsible) 13 year old that wants to trick or treat in the neighborhood with her friends. As in... without a responsible adult (insert heart attack here).

I am not on board with this plan at all, and was totally counting on the hubs to be even less on board. So you can totally imagine my jaw hitting the floored when, out of the blue, he asked HER if she was going trick or treating with her friends this year. WHA??? How dare him mess up my "it ain't happening cuz ur dads gonna say no way" back up plan!

I was totally calling him unpleasant names in my head.

Look... I get it, I do! I went out by myself at her age(maybe even younger); and to be honest... she is probably more responsible then I was(am?), but things were just different. Its not her I don't trust.

So... since dad threw off my "mean mom routine" by being okay with it; I guess we will see how she does. Dag-nab-it!!

If this is my last post for a while... they probably had to commit me. Just sayin!

Hope you all have a safe and happy Halloween.



Kelly said...

Same here!! I slowly toss the candy too (evil laugh) and Maddi has a plan to meet up with friends tonight too!! GASP!!

Worst part is, Ive never met the kid or the parents and since Maddi has a variance for school this isnt even in our neighborhood! I guess I will grab a witch hat and walk the dog around soooo unsuspiciously while tracking FAR behind? Hmmmmm. Good luck tonight! At least we know they have their sugar with them right?

Sarah said...

I hope she had a blast! I think letting go and trusting that the lessons we've taught our children stick is one of the hardest parts of parenting. I can't imagine when I'll be ready for the boys to go trick or treating alone, I'm already trying to come up with some way to keep them from wanting to celebrate by trick or treating and think that maybe, just maybe hosting a party here next year might be the only way :) Have a wonderful rest of your week.

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